Matulla, Thiago Giacomelli – “Silence In Seattle”

Matulla is an artist from Germany, known for rock story “Lost On The Way”. Recently, he collaborated with Thiago Giacomelli – a musician from Rio De Janeiro to bring us a brand new track titled “Silence In Seattle”, released on May 28th 2021 via Battle Victory Records. We took a listen and here’s our review!

Music video (Courtesy of YouTube)

The track doesn’t waste any time getting started. Right from the beginning to the end, there’s great energy throughout. Throughout the tune’s runtime, you’ll notice how tight every element is within the mix. In terms of the lyrical content, nothing preachy, nothing forced – it all works extremely well to paint a beautiful sonic picture coupled with stellar guitar work and rhythm section locked in. The vocals fit very nicely within everything else going on, the singer’s vocal performance is nothing short of marvellous. In terms of the mix and master it has been done solidly to a highly professional standard leaving nothing out. If you listen through headphones, your ears will greatly thank you – it may be very punchy but its as close to velvet and this branch of rock will get you and we’re all the better for it.

Overall, a good example of rock in the modern age. An exceptional sounding track with plenty to offer each time you return to it. There’s something new you’ll hear every time you listen and it’s always a pleasant journey on the ears. Bravo!

Thiago Giacomelli

Listen to “Silence In Seattle” by Matulla & Thiago Giacomelli on Spotify and YouTube. You can follow Matulla on Facebook and Thiago on Facebook as well.

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