Chris Murphy – “Halfway Around The World”

Chris Murphy is a violinist, composer and band leader. On June 30th 2021, he is set to release a brand new album titled “Sovereign” – from this album comes a single titled “Halfway Around The World”. We’ve taken a listen to this tune and here’s our review!

“Halfway Around The World” by Chris Murphy (Courtesy of YouTube)

This fiddlin’ sonic adventure doesn’t waste any time getting started. A little ol’-timey yet with modern characteristics. It’s mostly country, something we’d expect to hear in a TV show or a film which would befit such a track. There are places where the lyrics seem squashed into the melody and that’s pretty much the only place where this track falls down. Literally everything else is either decent or fine. Chris’ vocals hold up nicely, the band sounds like they’re having a lot of fun. The guitar solo around two and a half minutes in is relatively short before coming back to form. Though this track is about a minute too long and doesn’t really go anywhere new after that point. A bit of a jam takes the reins and then it’s a smooth finish. The mix and master of this track holds up to a relatively decent standard.

Overall, an okay tune if you’re into this sort of thing. We can’t imagine this tune will win over any new fans into this style but time will tell. It’s certainly promising and we’re eager to hear the rest of the album when it comes out later in the month.

“Halfway Around The World” by Chris Murphy comes out on June 30th 2021, until then – you can follow Chris on Instagram, YouTube and visit his official website!

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