Ranzel X Kendrick – “Like A Child”

Ranzel X Kendrick is a singer-songwriter, at some point he released (or will release – the information isn’t very clear) a song titled “Like A Child”. We heard it and here’s our review!

This track begins with a whole bunch of acoustic guitar before setting off with some decent vocals, the initial few minutes remind us of some of Keith Richards’ solo works. However, while Ranzel has some of the vocal characteristics that were to strike such a comparison – he is very much doing his own thing. There’s plenty of elements throughout the track which do some level of building up as it moves along, though we feel it moves a bit too slowly – it’s not velvety smooth but it’s not too bad either. It would have served the song better for it to build up and drop off at points to keep our interest. With the way it is, it doesn’t really pick up until closer towards the end but even then just a tiny bit.

Drums sound okay, though could’ve done with a bit more work on ye olde audio polishing (mixing) front. The bass is mostly in the pocket with times where it rushes a little bit, however it works. Acoustic guitars aren’t really hard to deal with and comes across pretty well in this mix, though on the electric front the layers it presents does the job just about. Really, it’s fine. Nothing too earthquaking, it’s been mixed safely.

Overall, it’s a fairly okay tune. Doesn’t do much to peak our interest but its nice enough.

“Like A Child” by Ranzel X Kendrick may or may not be out at some point (again, not clear on those details from sources available). Keep an eye on his Website or Bandcamp page to see if it’ll pop up.

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