Blake Red – “The Cradle”

Blake Red is a hard rock/metal solo artist, on June 18th 2021 she released a brand new track titled “The Cradle”. We took a listen to the track and here’s our review!

Blake Red – The Cradle (Official Music Video)

Kicking off with a big Sabbath vibe, the song doesn’t waste any time getting started. It sounds impressive enough. The drums are punchy enough to cut through, the bass is pretty much in the pocket and the guitars rock hard. In terms of the song’s structure, it flows nicely without a jarring moment to hear. Where the song does fall short is Blake’s vocals in places, for instance when an emphasis is placed on the word “Back” it doesn’t sound convincing enough – indeed it sounds a little held-back. For a song with such power behind it, moments like that need to have full energy.

You’ll notice little moments with the backing vocals that remind us of bands like “Extreme” and it’s certainly very welcome to hear Blake utilise various elements to polish her work. The guitar solo was pretty much bog standard pentatonic though there was good control of the bends, very short though. The progression behind it was a nice subtle change from the rest of the form of the tune.

Overall its an okay song, a lot of effort went into this clearly. We did notice a big difference in the sound quality between the YouTube official video and the audio from Spotify which was interesting. We focused on the Spotify version which has a much bigger sound, with a great mix and master job to really bring home the hard rock vibe. Though, its not entirely hard rock, more neo-classic rock (but not neo-classical).

Give it a spin, see if you dig it…

“The Cradle” by Blake Red is out now on Spotify. Be sure to follow Blake on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can also visit her official website!

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