Scott Zosel – “Flow”

Scott Zosel is an artist from Minneapolis, Minnesota. According to information available on Spotify, he released an album titled “Tiny Yellow Room” on July 26th 2021. From this album we listened to the opening track “Flow”, here’s the review!

Scott Zosel – “Flow” | Official Audio courtesy of YouTube

The track begins with an almost 90s-alt throwback, a decent chord progression dominated with acoustic guitar. As other elements come in, it is a musically solid song. Scott’s vocals start off somewhat flat but pick up as the track goes along. The flow is fine, a little over the two minute mark it starts doing some things a little differently – which works. Certainly it is the case that when the audible journey goes along it becomes a more Stones-Eagles hybrid, so Scott has his own sound here which is always welcome.

In terms of the mix and master, it is very solid from what we can hear. Clearly a lot of work has gone into this and it sounds as though it has pretty much paid off. The drums are punchy enough that they compliment rather than dominate or hide, the bass appears to be tucked away right in the pocket but doesn’t do anything to be noticeable. Towards the end, there are a number of electric guitar licks that are tastefully done with superb phrasing.

Overall, a very pleasant track to listen to. May not be for everyone but certainly worth a listen to.

Good job Scott!

You can listen to “Flow” by Scott Zosel on Spotify. Be sure to check out Scott’s official website!

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