Carla Marie McKrell and Joe Vulpis – “Now’s The Time”

Carla Marie McKrell is an “all-occasion pianist” and Joe Vulpis is the President of AP Music Group. Now that’s out of the way… on February 4th 2021, Carla released an album titled “Passages in Time, in Piano”. One track from the release is “Now’s The Time”, we’ve taken a listen and here’s our review!

Official Audio (courtesy of YouTube)

This track doesn’t waste any time getting started and when it does, you’ve pretty much heard it all. The charming thing about it is the fact it does build up as it goes along, musically that is. All it would take is to throw some bells in the mix and you’d be pretty certain it was a Christmas tune – alas it isn’t. The major problem we have with this tune is that the vocals suffer from being way, way too high up in the mix – not really mixed in at all, more sat right on top and smothering everything else. The result of this is that the quality of the track suffers, sounding almost like a hastily recorded vocal cover with a backing track. Coupled with the incredibly cheesy and preachy lyrics, it almost sounds like a parody of itself.

Listening carefully on headphones, when we really concentrated – we could hear other elements that would have been best placed being boosted in the mix to enhance certain moments. There is an attempt made at around the three minute mark for a drop off, but it isn’t convincing at all (we’re sad to say).

Musically, this is relatively solid bit with decent chord progressions and touches – brought down by a very odd mix and weird, cheesy lyrics. While we recognise the amount of effort clearly gone in to bring this track to this point – it didn’t pay off very well.

Listen to “Now’s The Time” by Carla Marie McKrell and Joe Vulpis on Spotify. Be sure to visit AP Music Group’s site and Carla’s official website.

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