HeIsTheArtist – “What Did I Do?”

HeIsTheArtist is an American Christian singer-songwriter from Central Islip, NY. On April 30th 2021, he released an EP titled “The Book of Mary”. From the EP we took a listen to “What Did I Do?” – what did we think of it? Here goes!

What Did I Do? Official Music Video (courtesy of YouTube)

If this was a demo, it would be forgiven for this. However, immediately you can hear out of tune guitar and then the sound of someone (presumably HeIsTheArtist) grabbing the microphone and then singing. The only thing that sounds remotely polished is the beat, which is the one thing that is somewhat decent about this track. The guitar needs to be tuned and mixed into the track, the vocals need a lot of work. The simplest bit of editing would be sufficient to remove excess noise (such as the beginning) and perhaps to even line it up so it fits.

There is very little evidence of any mixing and mastering, the composition as a whole is just shy of two minutes. Even with the short run-time there’s clearly a lot that should have been worked on prior to the release. This doesn’t sound in the slightest release ready by anyone’s standards. Enlisting the aid of a producer (literally anyone) would have definitely helped this.

As it stands, give this one a hard miss. Unless HeIsTheArtist does some serious work on this track, this is worth nobody’s time – we’re sorry to say. A very difficult listen indeed.

You can follow HeIsTheArtist on Instagram, Twitter and be sure to check out the official website!

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