Larry Jay – “Killer Song”

Larry Jay is a country-pop singer-songwriter based out of California. On August 20th 2021 he is set to release a brand new track titled “Killer Song”. We’ve had an exclusive listen to the upcoming tune and here is what we thought!

Larry Jay

The track begins with some excellent sounding guitars with, what we guess to be, a hammond-esque organ complimenting right from the back of the mix. Larry’s vocals are exceptional, throughout this track he displays a marvellous performance with lyrics that feel just right with a melodies to carry it throughout. Other elements kick in through the run-time which provide a superb sonic soundscape. The flow of the composition is so smooth, we’re pretty sure this is what clouds sound like – the nice ones on a (mostly) sunny day.

In terms of the track’s overall production, it has been clearly done so with the highest of standards as you will hear once it gets out. Every stem in the mix has been carefully blended together in such a manner that nothing sticks out and everything works so well together. Larry’s vocals are placed so well and are complimented by the other elements as well. “Killer Song” is a pretty apt title for this composition!

Overall, a very smooth and pleasant listening experience indeed. Bravo!

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