Miss Freddye – “Something To Believe In”

Miss Freddye is an artist from Pittsburgh, USA. On April 24th 2021, her single “Something To Believe In” was released. We took a listen to the tune, and here’s what we thought!

Miss Freddye – Something To Believe In (Official Audio courtesy of YouTube)

Beginning in such a marvellous a way, it’s not long before we’re greeted with an exceptional vocal performance. Brilliantly placed textures compliment this track very well. The fact this track builds up as it goes along is amazing – and the way it’s done is so fantastic. You’ll get chills when the backing vocals kick in. The lyrics are as you’d probably expect from the title, but the vocal performance throughout is definitely the main star. The only complaint we have is the guitar solo could be a little more present in the mix, while musically it is very solid – it just needs to be turned up (to 11?). A little after the solo, there’s a teeny tiny awkward moment on the drums but if you weren’t listening for it – it wouldn’t be noticeable.

Overall this tune is absolutely phenomenal. A tastefully executed piece of music which we will have on repeat for days – no doubt about that. Miss Freddye shines throughout this, almost nostalgic, composition. Pulled off with the highest of standards on audible display. Bravo!

You can follow Miss Freddye on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and be sure to check out her official website!

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