See Your Shadow – “Showdown”

See Your Shadow (or See Your Shadow Songwriting) is a “musical creation entity” based out of Pheonix, Arizona, USA. Run by Michael Coleman, who also writes and produces the music – the “entity” is set to release a brand new single titled “Showdown” on September 24th 2021. We’ve had an exclusive listen to this tune and here’s what we thought!

Michael Coleman

The track wastes no time in getting started. The blend of acoustic slide and electric guitars really does the trick here. The vocals follow soon after. What really surprised us was the mix of the drums – full on powerful. As the song goes along we noticed one thing – where is the bass? Listening very carefully we couldn’t work out where it was, if it is there it is so in the pocket lined up with the kick that it gets lost. If the bass is playing very simple notes, then that would explain it but still should be somewhat evident in the mix. In terms of the chorus, the backing vocals are sublime and compliment the main vocals very well. While there is a build up, it doesn’t feel like it reached its true potential as the electric guitar stays with a very rhythm sounding tone, it needs to be bigger.

In terms of the overall production of this track – it is absolutely fantastic. A few pointers we mentioned earlier would make it perfect for us, however as it stands it is a relatively solid piece of music with a lot to love. We reckon it is less country, more southern rock – either way, it sounds good and that’s what matters. Call this music? We certainly do!

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