Brian Iannucci – “You Stole My Heart Away”

Brian Iannucci is a singer/songwriter from Saint Johns, Florida, USA. On July 15th 2021, he released a six track EP titled “Kiss You For The Rest of My Life”. We’ve taken a listen to track three of this release, titled “You Stole My Heart Away” – what did we think? Read on!

Official Music Video (courtesy of YouTube)

You’ve got piano and vocals. That’s it – there’s nothing else coming throughout this track so don’t get your hopes up. Is less more? Well the jury is still undecided here. There are times where we were expecting some drum beat and some acoustic with a hint of bass riding those roots and fifths but maybe that’s not “in”. Anyway, there are some mad Elton John vibes shooting off from the composition and vocal melodies – we’re not just saying that cause of the piano (though we recognise that). In terms of the lyrics, it’s not overtly cringey, it is certainly not preachy – they feel just right. This tune is more of “does what it says on the tin” than anything else. The piano parts are beautifully played and there’s a lot of feeling there – which, without it, would totally suck – but this definitely does not!

Overall, this must have been the easiest job in the world for an engineer, we only detect possibly two “stems” in the overall mix. There’s not much to dissect here. It sounds pretty top tier and we tried listening out for any signs of any flex pitch or “auto tune” – nope! Ain’t gonna find it here. So, for what it is, a pretty top notch job with very little (in terms of compositional elements).

If you’re looking for a little sweet tune to whack on in the background with a loved one – don’t think, just hit play on this one!

Listen to “You Stole My Heart Away” by Brian Iannucci on Spotify. Be sure to follow him Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and visit his official website!

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