Josh Christina – “Weekend Night In America”

Josh Christina is an artist hailing from Maryland, USA. On August 30th 2021, he released a brand new tune titled “Weekend Night In America”. We’ve taken a little listen to the release and here’s what we thought!

Official Audio (Courtesy of YouTube)

When this track begins, you know it ain’t messing about! Josh’s piano chops are clear for the world to hear, that’s for sure. There’s some nice sounding guitar thrown in, perfectly eighties-ified. Through the run-time of this track there’s some clear influences heard here – this easily reminds us of a Huey Lewis & The News tune (perhaps “Heart of Rock N Roll” – but is it still beating? Sounds like it is!). In terms of the lyrics, they do alright – a few current references thrown in which is done pretty tastefully. There are some that feel somewhat squashed into the melody he’s got going on here but it is passable. Where this track falls short, for us, is the mix. The vocals are way, way too high up on the mix and overshadow everything else. That sweet guitar tone is lost behind the drums and piano. In short, it’s not blended entirely well and brings the whole thing down a peg or two. That’s not to say it isn’t a good tune, far from it. It’s just that this mix doesn’t serve the music well.

All that’s needed to make this tune the full realisation of glory is sort that mix out, throw in some backing vocals in the choruses – boom, you’ve got a hit. Overall, it is a fairly decent tune with a big sound that is not a hundred percent realised but definitely worth a little spin or two!

You can listen to “Weekend Night In America” by Josh Christina on Spotify. Follow him on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and visit his official website!

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