Adam Alyan – “If I Can’t See Heaven”

Adam Alyan is a recording artist based out of Dallas, Texas, USA. On Friday 17th September 2021, he is set to release a brand new track titled “If I Can’t See Heaven”. We took an exclusive listen to this tune – what did we think? Here goes!

Adam Alyan

The track is entirely minimalist, there’s piano, main vocals and some backing vocals. Entirely in line with a number of other tracks you’d find whilst listening to any Top 40 stations or playlists. In terms of the song’s structure, it is very cut and dry with typical progressions that you’d find throughout the genre. There is some noticeable use of autotune/flex-pitch in the vocals which at times it works and others it doesn’t. For instance at around 3:39 of the run time, there’s some vocal run with a bunch of notes that doesn’t work (unless it’s jazz? but it doesn’t sound like jazz). For the most part the vocal performance is fine and holds up relatively well despite this.

In terms of the mix and master its a, mostly, solid job. Though you can hear the vocals peaking and distorting at times within the mix that doesn’t seem to fit the sound of the track as a whole. Overall “If I Can’t See Heaven” is a good start for Adam’s career in music, a pretty decent debut with enough to love to make it passable.

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