Laurence Henderson – “Strings”

Laurence Henderson is a guitarist from the south coast of the UK. A notable regular at the local jam scene, he’s been cutting his teeth for the last few years with a string of singles (notably “No More”). On October 16th 2021, he’ll be releasing his brand new tune “Strings”. We’ve been fortunate enough to get an exclusive listen to this track, what did we think? Here goes!

Laurence Henderson (photo courtesy of Milly Thimaras)

The musical journey begins with a whole bunch of feedback before heading right in for a tasty riff. This intro doesn’t last long, just enough to tide us over – then it really begins. The flow is pretty decent with, mostly, distinct transitions between the various sections of the composition. As the track moves forward, we notice the dominant element to this (in terms of the music) is the bass – sitting pretty high up on the mix. There are times in which this can overshadow the guitars and even the drums however nothing really gets lost.

Laurence’s vocals throughout are pretty solid. For those of you who may be familiar with his earlier work, there is an air of familiarity surrounding the melody and yet a distinct movement forward in terms of his abilities. Recently, Laurence has been coached by singer Milly Thimaras. While there hasn’t been a total departure of the sound we’ve come to know of his vocals, there is definitely a sense of stability when it comes to the performance as a whole. The backing vocals really add strength to the choruses, making each one highly memorable.

When it comes to guitar solos, it is very rare that there’s much (if at all) deviation from the form of the song. In the case of “Strings”, there is quite the epic build up with a suspenseful progression before “lift off” into the solo and then back to form. Those of you with a good ear may spot the harmonies in the solo, an excellent touch that really gives it character.

Overall “Strings” is a decent effort, another notch in Laurence’s belt – solidifying his own signature sound. The production is pretty solid with a satisfactory mix and master to give the themes and resulting concept of this track sufficient room to breathe. Certainly, if you’re a fan of modern blues-derivative rock – this is a track you’ll want to listen to!

“Strings” by Laurence Henderson releases on October 16th 2021. Follow him on Spotify, so you don’t miss out. Be sure to also follow him on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube!

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