West of Corey – “All Alone”

West of Corey is a band from Minnesota, USA. It’s been a long time since we last covered them, 2019 to be precise. They’ve released a brand new track on August 31st 2021 titled “All Alone” from their upcoming album “Big Ass Deal”. We’ve taken a listen to the track, what did we think? Here goes!

West of Corey – “All Alone” (Official lyric video, courtesy of YouTube)

The track begins with some piano, before a drum fill kicks in the rest of it. Interesting that some of the piano seems to clash with the other elements ever so slightly but it is forgivable since it’s a brief but noticeable. Some listeners may notice the mix, if through headphones as we’ve done, is a little right side heavy. Although the vocals are panned ever so slightly left of centre, that and one part of the drum kit with a hint of the track’s overall reverb seem to be only on that side. Very interesting.

Well, the rest of the track is pretty much rock solid (pardon the pun). The vocal performances are excellent, the guitar works very nicely, bass right in the pocket. It is a textbook example of how a rock track should sound, nicely polished with enough energy to bring us to choruses that are performed like they meant it.

Overall, “All Alone” is essential listening for fans of all things rock. A markedly major evolution for this band, which we are very happy to see that they are still going. As we’ve said, the only thing that needs a little adjusting is the mix but only in terms of placement, levels wise is absolutely bang on the money. A decent effort all around, despite this.

Listen to “All Alone” by West of Corey on Spotify. Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and visit their official website!

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