DeepC Divers – “Buried Treasure”

DeepC Divers have been covered before on the blog which you can find here. In the time since we last took a “dive” (pardon the pun) – they’ve released a brand new track titled “Buried Treasure”. We’ve taken a listen to the new tune and here’s what we thought!

DeepC Divers – “Buried Treasure” (courtesy of YouTube)

Coming right in we’ve got beefy sounding drums and some great rhythm guitar before a pretty good soulful guitar solo for the intro. What was very cool about this was how the lead guitar was sent across the mix, one minute its at the centre – the next off somewhere else. A nice touch to start us off. The song progresses nicely, pretty standard form in terms of how it flows. You have to listen pretty hard to hear the bass, which sounds as though its playing the root notes and somehow gets lost in the mix in various parts of the track. The vocalist sounds like a blend of David Bowie and the guy from “The Fixx” (listen to “One Thing Leads To Another” and get back to us).

In terms of the overall mix, there are a number of kinks (no, not them). As we listened we did notice there was a discrepancy in terms of the various tracks within the overall composition. Right at the start you can hear the drums being notably louder than the guitars, it wasn’t so much a sore thumb but rather a small hangnail. When the vocals come in, it doesn’t sound like a backing track cover you’d find on Soundcloud but it was louder than most of the other elements within the track and at around the 2:40ish mark there are some odd choices in the notes in the performance. Lyrically speaking, the song’s called Buried Treasure and you won’t forget it the amount of times they repeat it. Not even alluding to some smart innuendo or metaphor in the verses or even the pre-choruses. No sense and honestly, it comes across as lazy songwriting.

Overall “Buried Treasure” in terms of the music is debatably solid with vocal performances that have some familiar characteristics that fans of old-school rock might pick up on. The instrumentation holds up well with a few tasteful moments that give the composition some flair. As we’ve said, where it falls down is the vocals that need some work or even a total re-write. It is a shame that such a great backline can be marred by a few misjudged moments. All in all, worth a spin to make up your own mind.

Listen to “Buried Treasure” by DeepC Divers on Spotify. Be sure to follow them on Instagram, Facebook and visit their official website!

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