The Dead Bolts – “What Gives”

The Dead Bolts are a rock band from Chicago, USA. On October 22nd 2021, they released a brand new single titled “What Gives”. This track is a cut off their upcoming album “Pretty and Burned Out” set to be released on November 26th 2021. Well, we’ve taken a listen to the recently released single – what did we think? Here goes!

The Dead Bolts – What Gives (Official Music Video – Courtesy of YouTube)

The track begins with some little sonic textures, building up with some acoustic guitar before getting right to it. Not very long at all but just enough to keep it interesting to bring it to the main form of the composition. Once we’ve arrived at our destination of “What Gives” (metaphorically speaking) it’s a pretty pleasant experience. Nothing is out of whack here, solid performances all around with tasteful moments throughout. The guitar tone is killer, bass is locked right in with the drums. The whole band works together here like one rockin’ machine. In terms of the vocals, our verdict is excellent with what sounds like a superb execution of the saying “less is more” in terms of what is there – and it works!

It sounds huge. The mix and master is done to an exceptional degree with no one element sticking out or smothered by another – clarity is the order of the day with this tune. The composition as a whole flows ever so nicely, transitioning from one section to the next with great ease. This is certainly a pleasant listening experience if ever there was one. The Dead Bolts certainly hit the nail on the head with this release and we very much look forward to hearing the full album upon its release.

Listen to “What Gives” by The Dead Bolts on Spotify. Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and check out their official website!

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