Bill Abernathy – “World’s Foremost Authority on Everything”

Bill Abernathy is an artist originally from Kansas City, Missouri. On June 2nd 2021, he released a brand new single titled “World’s Foremost Authority on Everything”. We took a listen, what did we think? Here goes!

Bill Abernathy – “World’s Foremost Authority on Everything” (courtesy of YouTube)

Well, this is definitely country – no doubt about that. This tune doesn’t waste any time getting started, plenty to love from the get-go with a wide variety of sonic textures and colours to get this ball rolling. Bill’s vocal performance throughout fits quite well and is fairly solid. There’s a good beat with the drums, you can hear how the bass is locked right into that groove – toes were tapping here for sure!

Lyrically, a little preachy but for the style and genre of this bit of music – it works just about. Where this track falls down for us is the mix. It doesn’t sound entirely three dimensional, rather bunched together in the middle. As a result, some of the elements are lost within the mix from time to time and there’s almost a battle throughout the frequencies for them to get heard. While this doesn’t necessarily bring the track down for most people, we’re a picky bunch here at Call That Music?

Overall, if you’re a fan of country or want something new to dig your teeth into. This is a fairly accessible composition sure to win over some new fans to country. Despite the odd mix, there is a good chance you’ll have tapped your toes while listening by the time it ends.

Listen to “World’s Foremost Authority on Everything” by Bill Abernathy on Spotify. Be sure to follow him on Facebook, Twitter and visit the official website!

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