Cory M. Coons – “Freedom Road”

Cory M. Coons is a musician/songwriter. On October 1st 2021, he released a brand new track titled “Freedom Road”. We took a listen to the single and here’s what we thought!

Cory M. Coons – “Freedom Road” (Courtesy of YouTube)

The track starts in the most “ballad”-esque fashion you could possibly imagine, there’s no time wasted here for the track to kick off into form. Musicially, everything is pretty much solid. The drums sound killer, a good amount of reverb on the snare without pushing it into gated territory. It’s cool to note that despite this, that element of the drums remains powerful which does add a good layer to the production. The bass is locked right in and sounds as though the bass player went for the “less is more” approach to this tune – and it paid off very nicely. Regarding the guitars, for the first half (or so) of the track, it’s mostly acoustic but a very important decision was made when the electric guitar kicks off. It’s this kind of shift of the textures at pivotal moments that really bring this tune to life.

The vocal performance is equally strong. While some of the lyrics we felt were pretty stereotypical choices for this kind of music, they fall into place extremely well with the melody. Some of the notes within the melody were obvious but the execution of them was absolutely fantastic.

Overall, this is an exceptionally well written and produced piece of music with strong performances all around. If this kind of music is your cup of tea (so to speak) then you will be right at home with this. It may prove to be a ‘harder sell’ to some but we guess predominantly, it’ll be the music that draws us in on the whole – much like us!

Listen to “Freedom Road” by Cory M. Coons on Spotify.

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