Jay Elle – “Tequila Kiss”

Jay Elle is an artist based out of New York City, USA. On August 16th 2021, he released a brand new album titled “Ride The Wave”. We’ve taken a listen to track two titled “Tequila Kiss” – what did we think? Here goes!

Jay Elle – Tequila Kiss (Official Lyric Video – courtesy of YouTube)

We’re a sucker for tunes that take full advantage of stereo hijinks and that’s exactly how this track starts – from the left side before filling up the entire space. When it gets going it really gets going. From start to finish, there’s a lot to love about this tune. There’s a good beat throughout with bass right in the pocket, you’ve got killer tone on the guitars and Jay’s vocal performance works tremendously well.

The mix and master of the tune is slightly bigger than we’d have expected for this kind of track. It totally pays off for this massive sounding experience. What is slightly disappointing however is the fact that it almost feels a bit too compressed and as such some elements get tucked away (slightly) so they don’t have full room to breathe. Likewise, we noticed a few times where we’d hear a glimmer of reverb on certain stems in the mix and then all of a sudden it’s overshadowed by something else.

Overall, “Tequila Kiss” is a very pleasant tune with enough talent throughout to make the entire experience believable. Despite the ever so minor technical rough patches, it’s a solid bit of music. Jay Elle did well to have the mix done by one person and mastered by another – a fresh set of ears at each step of the way.

Listen to “Tequila Kiss” by Jay Elle on Spotify. Be sure to visit his official site!

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