Once Great Estate – “Shelbyville Inn”

Once Great Estate is a band from the US of A. On July 31st 2021, they released an album titled “Even The Undertaker”. We took a listen to a cut off the album titled “Shelbyville Inn”, what did we think? Here goes!

Once Great Estate – “Shelbyville Inn” (courtesy of YouTube)

The track starts with some acoustic guitar before the whole band joins in, a pretty tight opening. There’s a pretty good groove throughout that really carries the song’s overall progression. A lot of charm can be found with the way the lap steel works with the fiddle in the back of the mix, they bounce off each other which creates a nice background vibe. It is also nice the fact the bass is not overplaying and really locking in with the beat, this drummer is nailing it!

In terms of vocals however, though a good performance, something is just ever so off. While the notes being hit are pretty on-the-mark. There’s just a sense of holding back with the delivered performance. Compared with the rest of the elements in the track, the singer has to be bolder to really capture the spirit of the track – more power! It is passable however and regular readers may note we are a picky bunch here.

On the whole, we did find ourselves nodding along to the beat at this very charming song. The sound is pretty big and there’s plenty of space in the mix that allows for breathing room so we don’t miss a thing! Upon multiple listens, its nice that there’s something new to discover about it each time. Nice!

Listen to “Shelbyville Inn” by Once Great Estate on Spotify. Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Instagram and visit their official website!

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