Richard Lynch – “Grandpappy”

Richard Lynch has been featured before on Call That Music? You can read all about that here. This time, however, we are taking a listen to another cut from the same album. The track is titled “Grandpappy” – what did we think? Here goes!

Richard Lynch – “Grandpappy” (courtesy of YouTube)

This track begins with an absolute bang! Marvellous. Choc right full of energy right from the get-go. That’s what we like to hear. Much like with the previous track we covered, this has been produced exceptionally well. Little bits here and there give this track very believable character and charm. It wouldn’t be country without that classic Tele twang, and oh boy… Richard has us covered. The drums sound big, the bass is right in the pocket (always a plus). There are little bits going on right in the back of the mix – listen carefully and you’ll definitely be able to spot a very nice organ being played. Vocally, we must say – what a performance! Delivered with authenticity, a hint of grit but plenty of feeling.

The mix and master of this track is astounding. Crystal clear clarity of everything going on, all parts of the tune have their own space. This makes for a very nice three-dimensional listening experience where you can capture the full power of this country train coming right at ya! We really must get listening to the rest of the album now…

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