Tom Tikka – “With Eyes Closed”

Tom Tikka is an artist with a rich background in music, either as part or fronting many different groups and bands. On September 17th 2021, Tom Tikka & The Missing Hubcaps released an album titled “This Is My Happy Face”. We took a listen to track seven “With Eyes Closed”, what did we think? Here goes!

Tom Tikka & The Missing Hubcaps – “With Eyes Closed”

Immediately we recognised the sound of the string section from Logic Pro. We were interested to see where this was going, and so we were very impressed with the quality of the vocal recording – incredibly clear. The melodic choices for the vocals were pretty safe to say the least however lyrically speaking it was somewhat questionable. The use of “baby” may have been fairly passable once or twice in the song as a whole but the frequency of which it was used was pretty cheesy.

The multi-layering of vocals would have been nice to hear however the way the track is mixed meant that the strings covered those tracks up. Listening through, you get the rough idea of the flow of the tune and the sections as it is very clearly laid out but the end result is somewhat messy with transitions between the sections being ever so slightly chaotic. That being said, as the track runs along it evolves into some kind of near broadway-esque sound.

On the whole, it is a fairly decent effort that some may enjoy more than others. There are some cool moments in the tune you’ll have to take a good listen to in order to discover. The slight semblance of chaos within the final product is fairly negligible unless you’re super picky about these things. Certainly it is worth a spin.

Listen to “With Eyes Closed” by Tom Tikka & The Missing Hubcaps on Spotify.

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