Undermine – “Frost”

Undermine is a band from Austin, Texas, USA. On October 31st 2021, they released a brand new album “As Above”. We took a listen to a cut off the album titled “Frost”. What did we think? Here goes!

The tune wastes no time in getting started, going from zero to one hundred in record timing. The sound is not exactly huge but is pretty big. Throughout the short run time of just shy of two minutes, anyone listening would easily tell this is punk. Despite the genre, there’s no discernable distinction between the sections (if any) this song has. The guitars sound good, though they’re hitting the same frequencies (pretty much) as the bass. Vocally, couldn’t make out a word of the lyrics – that might suit some more than others.

In terms of the overall mix and master, the track itself is pretty two-dimensional. It comes across as overly-compressed and as such you probably won’t find much upon multiple listens. The reason is due to other elements within the mix being smothered by this over-compression. If listeners aren’t fans of punk or related genres, then “Frost” probably won’t win over any new fans. It is a pretty messy track that some may find incredibly difficult to listen to.

You can listen to “Frost” by Undermine by visiting their official website (or so their Facebook page suggests).

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