Rebecca Jade – “What’s It Gonna Be”

Rebecca Jade is a singer/songwriter from Southern California, USA. Rumour has it she is going to be releasing a new single titled “What’s It Gonna Be”. When will it comes out? Well, it’s not entirely clear. Scouting through her social media profiles, it’s not immediately clear. Despite this, we found word through a newsletter posted on her Facebook page that the track is (or was, we don’t know) receiving some radio play. According to the same source, the track may be released (or the music video) by December 1st 2021. Anyway, we’ve heard it. What did we think? Here goes!

The track begins with some guitar with what sounds like the Electro-Harmonix POG pedal equipped, we’re very impressed already. It’s a great opening lick, a hook if you will. Will we hear it again? You betcha! Going forward from this, there’s a solid groove with a whole bunch of textures painting an absolute marvellous audible canvas. There isn’t a single performance throughout that falters, oh no – we’re entering certified banger territory. Layers of vocals add charm and the main vocal performance shows great skill yet great restraint, could Rebecca have done every vocal run imaginable to show off? Yes but this is as tasteful as it gets and the music is better for it.

From a flow point of view, it’s incredibly smooth – even with the climb down with the great return to form that follows. How do you climb down from a nice groove? We didn’t think it possible! Yet, this proves you can. The mix and master is pretty top-notch, only thing we’d say is it could be one or two decibels louder to really get this anthem pumping. It just about branches into a three-dimensional listening space with only certain moments keeping it two-dimensional. Despite that, it is a very solid piece of music – we just only wish we knew when it was actually coming out so we could save it to our own Spotify playlists…

As we said at the beginning of this article, we have absolutely no clue exactly when (or where) this track will come out. However, be sure to follow Rebecca Jade on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and visit her official website (fingers crossed she updates these so we know!).

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