Working Class Hussys – “Elaine”

Working Class Hussys are a band from New Jersey, USA. The band is set to release a brand new EP on December 10th 2021. We’ve been sent a track that we assume is on the EP. The track is called “Elaine”, we gave it a listen and what did we think? Here goes!

If you were looking for some kind of intro to get you settled in, there isn’t. The very second this track started we were thrown into the deep end. It is pretty hard to distinguish between the various sections of the track as things move as quickly as they start. There is some evolution of the sound with elements being added tastefully into the background (listen out for the horn section) which give it some character and colour. The whole band sounds pretty tight, had to listen hard for the bass but we assure you – it’s there. The guitar tone is excellent throughout and played rather tastefully. Vocal wise, a strong performance coupled with Supertramp-esque tones with the backing vocals as well.

The one thing that does this track a disservice is the mix. Is it the case that the elements are distinct from one another so not as to smash together audibly? No, they are pretty well spaced out and have enough room to breathe within. What is the problem is how quiet the track is. The only time it gets to a relatively decent standard of decibels is towards the end with the feedback. For the most part, where we hear the track needing the power behind it, it feels lacking. This is a shame because there is a lot of potential here that we really couldn’t get into with how quiet it is.

Overall, it’s a pretty okay tune which you’ll probably need to hear for yourselves when it comes out. A decent effort overall.

“Elaine” by Working Class Hussys is out as part of an EP (we don’t know what it’s called) on December 10th 2021. For more updates be sure to follow them on Facebook, Instagram and visit their official website.

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