Third Development – “Echoes”

Third Development is a band that features a “roster” of guest artists from around the globe. On October 1st 2021, they released a brand new single titled “Echoes”. We took a listen, what did we think? Here goes!

Third Development – “Echoes” (Official Audio, courtesy of YouTube)

The tune kicks off with an epic synth pad and some sax panned hard left. The pedantic in us would say that it should’ve been spread a bit more across the mix to enhance the performance but it works in its own little way. A range of influences can be felt throughout the song’s runtime – little flavours of Amy Winehouse, almost every Bond theme and even Duran Duran’s “Ordinary World” can be sensed. Despite this, we’d argue this is what makes Third Development’s sound here quite unique.

A diverse spread of sounds make “Echoes” a very pleasant listening experience indeed, not one lyric out of place alongside a carefully crafted melody coupled with strong vocal performances throughout. Pretty much everything in the track is where it should be, never a jarring moment – always pleasant. The only serious critique we have here is the drum mix – it sounds out of place despite (again) a very excellent performance otherwise.

All in all, a very well produced, mixed and mastered performance which your ears will be forever grateful for. We’re fairly certain this is going to be put in our individual playlists and put on repeat – very catchy indeed. Exceptional performances throughout which makes “Echoes” one of our top favourites so far.

Listen to “Echoes” by Third Development on Spotify. Follow the band on Instagram and visit their official website!

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