Dick Aven – “Fly Into The Fire”

Dick Aven is a singer-songwriter, saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist from Tennessee, USA. On December 2nd 2021, he released a brand new album titled “Spin So Long”. We took a listen to track three titled “Fly Into The Fire”. What did we think? Here goes!

Dick Aven – “Fly Into The Fire” (courtesy of YouTube)

Our first thought as this track opened was “what is this?” however what followed nicely put us at ease. Throughout the runtime of this tune, there is a lot to love about it. Firstly, we’d say the chord progression of certain sections were performed exceptionally well which created a captivating soundscape that kept us entertained throughout. The vocal performance on this track was excellent, not a lyric or note out of place with superb choices that worked in tandem with the rest of the elements.

What musos may notice whilst listening, is the very minimalist approach to the percussion – a beat just enough to keep time but never a fill or indeed much else to detract from the rest. A choice others may never consider but for Dick Aven’s case – it totally works. The bass is locked into it and the whole track is better for it. Moving in a, dare we say, waltz fashion. The saxophone solo was brilliant, not expected, even though there was sax right at the start (d’oh!).

Overall, “Fly Into The Fire” is an exceptionally produced and well recorded piece of music that is as captivating as it is easy to listen to. Nothing within it felt out of place and the whole experience felt very satisfactory. Influences can be guessed, but we’d say there’s definitely influences of many bands from the 70s which is carefully brought forward to the 21st Century. We’ll be taking a good listen to the rest of the album in due course, hopefully each track will be good as this one (or better, if possible). Bravo!

Listen to “Fly Into The Fire” by Dick Aven on Spotify. You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and be sure to check out his official website!

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