ColdWards – “My Skeletons”

ColdWards is a four-piece rock band formed of drummer Paul Crosby, vocalist (and all things electronic) Zac Crosby, Sean Crosby (guitars/vocals) and bassist Richie Hey. On January 28th 2022, they released a brand new single titled “My Skeletons”. We took a listen and here’s what we thought!

Coldwards – “My Skeletons” (Official Music Video) – courtesy of YouTube

From the very start of this tune, there is not a moment wasted. Strap yourselves in because this is one helluva rollercoaster ride. The first thing you’ll probably pick up on is the exceptional guitar tone locked in with super punchy drums (a winning combination without a doubt). Throughout the track, there are a lot of wind-down and pick-me-up moments that are executed with a razor-sharp precision that really serves the track well. Something that people may not appreciate is the way the two vocalists bounce off each other, both delivering excellent performances. The bass is also locked right into the pocket, making this nothing short of perfect.

Official Group Photo

The mix and master of the track is top-tier. A lot of bands who attempt this always have something a bit off (maybe a bass boom) but not ColdWards. Everything here is crystal clear and adequately reflects how tight this band is. The dynamic range and depth of sound within it really reflected what they are trying to sell here, and wow – did they! What is also absolutely marvellous is the accessibility of the track itself, nothing that would cause a die-hard metal fan to raise an eyebrow and (dare we say) even an unseasoned casual listen to cower in fear. This is certified stank-face territory.

“My Skeletons” by ColdWards is out now via Wake Up Music Rocks! Listen to the track on YouTube and follow the label on Facebook!

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