VRL – “Kill 4 U Die 4 U”

VRL (she/they) is an artist from Los Angeles, California, USA. On February 14th 2022, she’ll be releasing a brand new single titled “Kill 4 U Die 4 U” – certainly a theme for Valentine’s Day! We’ve been sent the track prior to its release, we’ve listened to it – what did we think? Here goes!

From the very start of the track, it’s clear what we’re in for. A modern take on New Wave from the 80s! It doesn’t waste much time in getting started, there’s a nice little “vinyl crackle” that colours the brief intro right before it kicks off. From the sounds of it, the key focus here is the vocals, so let us get into it. The performance as a whole is pretty solid and executed rather well. Lyrically, it’s fair to say given the title of the track they are quite predictable but produced well to the point where nothing felt or sounded forced into the melody. The sections transitioned well, the song has good form and flows ever so nicely.

Obviously, when we think about New Wave and 80s sounding music one thing comes to mind – Synthesizers! Oh boy, does this track have enough – does it work? We say so! It sounds as though the keys were carefully selected and crafted in such a manner that compliments VRL’s vocal performance. The drums veer ever so slightly away from the industry-standard samples done to death, again tweaked to fit in with the rest of the elements in this track.

Overall this is a well-produced, mixed and mastered track. A lot to love about it with exceptional performances all around. Certainly, it takes full advantage of whatever you listen to music through (for us? Headphones – duh!). A wide sounding adventure that fills a fantastic sonic soundscape. Certainly one to check out once it drops.

“Kill 4 U Die 4 U” by VRL is out on February 14th 2022, so you’ll have to wait a little while before you can listen to it. However! Follow VRL on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube and visit her/their official website so you don’t miss this when it comes out!

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