Matty Marz – “Watcha Looking At”

Matty Marz is back! We’ve covered him before, which you can read about here. This time he’s released a brand new single titled “Watcha Looking At”, set to be released on February 18th 2022. We’ve had an exclusive listen to the tune – what did we think? Here goes!

As soon as we hit play, we were instantly met with the groove. That’s it, review over – wait there’s more? Of course there is! Throughout the entire runtime, there’s a total progression of sound that really takes great advantage of this killer groove. Very tasteful additions of various elements really refine the sonic soundscape, in particular there’s a cool set of licks thrown in by a guitar that finishes the tune.

The song is what we’d come to expect from Matty, a well polished bit of music that is exactly what it says on the tin (or at least the cover art). It sounds big, not too punchy though – and it works. A very solid piece of music with confident lyrics that really set the tone precisely what the title of it sets out. What is also interesting some listeners may notice, once it releases, is that there are hooks aplenty throughout, most notably in the chorus. So this pretty much ticks all the boxes for modern pop.

Overall, another great track from Matty – excellently mixed and mastered, produced equisetly. Certainly one we’d expect to hear on “Top 40” playlists and radio stations – will it? Time can only tell.

While “Watcha Looking At” isn’t out for a little while yet (three days at the time of this writing), you can follow Matty Marz on Instagram, Twitter and visit his website!

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