Brooke Surgener- “Gimme Gimme”

Brooke Surgener is an indie folk/pop singer-songwriter from Erie, Pennsylvania USA. On March 1st 2022, she is set to release a brand new single titled “Gimme Gimme”. We’ve had an exclusive listen to the tune, what did we think? Here goes!

Well, the track begins with some little guitar bits before something that sounds like Garageband drums kicks in. We don’t actually know if they are but they certainly have a very similar sound to them. Anyway! There isn’t much of an intro, it very much “get straight to the point” with this song. What is clear from listening is there is a good vocal performance from Brooke, though the vocals are so ‘high-up’ in the mix it is very hard to ignore them.

Even before listening to the tune, it’s quite easy to spot from the waveform that there isn’t much in the way of dynamic range. Sure, things build up as they typically do (verses a little quieter, choruses very punchy) but they don’t hit in a way that is quite convincing. Take the choruses, the drumbeat sounds half-baked and the snare is nowhere near punchy enough to sell this. The bass is solely dependent on root notes, sure less can be more at times but there is a sense of a groove wanting to come out but it can’t because of the drums. The synths sound great and for the most part, the guitars pretty much nail it (though the solo from around two minutes sounds very much like a Logic Pro patch).

There is truly a lot of potential here and, as a concept, the song holds up well. What is set for release sounds like a marginally polished demo. One could even suggest that it was rushed. If a little time is needed to delay the release so a few aspects can be polished, it might sell this song more. We appreciate that a lot of time and effort has gone into this, but from our point of view – “put it back in, it ain’t done yet!”.

“Gimme Gimme” by Brooke Surgener will be out on March 1st 2022, you can presave the song here. You can also follow Brooke on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and visit her official website!

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