Kali Indiana – “Probably Not”

Kali Indiana is a country-rock artist from Omaha, Nebraska, USA. On March 4th 2022, she released a brand new single titled “Probably Not”. We’ve taken a listen to the newly released tune, what did we think? Here goes!

Kali Indiana – “Probably Not” (Courtesy of YouTube)

If you didn’t know anything about Kali prior to stumbling across the track, took one look at the artwork for this single, you may have probably thought this was going to be something else – perhaps something Synth-Pop/80s. Well, that’s what happened to us when we received this. This is definitely country-rock, from the get go. Though something is amiss, well the intro was a little chaotic, to say the least, which pretty much continues throughout the entire song. The drums are just completely off. Everyone else is pretty much in time but the beat does not fit what the rest are doing, typically it is the case that the drums are the first recorded part and if this was done during this track’s production – oh boy. It probably wouldn’t be too bad if they weren’t so high up in the mix.

What about the rest of the tune? Well, Kali’s vocals are pretty decent – going for a somewhat “Eagles” vibe with her approach to the melody. The guitars are pretty spot on, on theme (if you will), for the genre. Certainly a lot of “twang” and a hint of a fiddle (the instrument) in places. If this was a box-ticking exercise, well every box is certainly ticked. The bass is right in the pocket from what we could gather (though again, the drums were ridiculously high up in the mix). Listening through headphones, we found that the entire track came across as pretty two-dimensional with very little breathing room for other elements to “have their moments” which was slightly disappointing.

Overall, a lot of work clearly has gone into this. Optics wise, the artwork definitely doesn’t match the sound (but that’s just pedantic and we’re here for the music not the artwork!). In terms of the actual music, it does hit the “loudness” box of what we come to expect of most modern music. Though the drums really need tightening up and some major reworking, the rest of the band does a pretty job at keeping time (but probably not that of the drummer). Kali performs pretty well throughout the track, but the overall result of the track is somewhat disappointing.

Listen to “Probably Not” by Kali Indiana on Spotify. Follow Kali on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and visit her official website!

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