Alias Wayne – “Chaperon”

Alias Wayne is the “alias” (or alternative artist name) of Ranzel X Kendrick, who we’ve previously covered in the blog here. This time he’s released a brand new track titled “Chaperon” which also features Alias Jayne, the track dropped on March 1st 2022. We took a listen to the tune and here’s what we thought!

Alias Wayne – Chaperon (official lyrical video) – Courtesy of YouTube

The whole song is a fun, romantic little ditty from start to finish with exceptional performances all around. Very nice touches with certain elements throughout the track’s composition with very tasteful choices – particularly on the guitar front. Vocally, it holds up rather well – a kind of loose melody that fits pretty much well in time to not feel totally forced but rather to flow nicely. While it wasn’t entirely clear where one section ended and another began, it just about worked.

In terms of the overall production – pretty top tier. There’s a lot of clarity between the elements, no “treading on toes” so to speak. It certainly holds up well in terms of the mix and mastering, each stem well-polished makes for a pretty nice listening experience. On the whole, if you’re looking for a pretty chill tune for the right kind of day – this is it.

Listen to “Chaperon” by Alias Wayne & Alias Jayne on Spotify. Be sure to visit Ranzel X Kendrick’s official website!

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