Blind Uncle Harry – “I Just Want You To Know”

Blind Uncle Harry has been covered a good number of times here on the blog. On March 1st 2022, he released a brand new track on Bandcamp titled “I Just Want You To Know”, although the music video is dated Jan 28th 2022. Anyway, we’ve taken a listen to it and here’s what we thought!

Blind Uncle Harry – “I Just Want You To Know” (Official Music Video, Courtesy of YouTube)

Well, this is definitely what we’ve come to expect, although as the track went on we definitely detected a slight improvement here and there from previous releases. Though fundamentally, some of the other issues we’ve discussed previously in other articles remain. It seems like there is just an avant-garde nature when it comes to lyric writing with minimal regard for any kind of melody. Narrowly, however, it does seem to just about fit the music. The drums don’t sound as “panicky” but there’s just something off about that snare EQ. Bass is firmly in the pocket which is, again, somewhat of an improvement.

Overall, this is just textbook Blind Uncle Harry, for the fans – a welcome addition to his ever-expanding discography. For the rest, definitely hit or miss. This time it’s each to their own here. As we’ve said repeatedly this is definitely a minor improvement on previous work, but to what extent can this be realised – future releases may provide a clue.

Listen to “I Just Want You To Know” by Blind Uncle Harry on Bandcamp. You can also follow him on Facebook, Twitter and visit the official website!

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