Brunette – “Fight Night”

Brunette is a five-piece indie rock band from the Twin Cities area, USA. On April 5th 2022, they released a brand new single titled “Fight Night”. We took a listen to the tune and here’s what we thought!

Official Audio (Courtesy of YouTube)

Well, the song begins with a little spooky sonic intro before getting stuck into what can only be described as a perpetual build-up. The sort of palm-muted sound that one would normally expect to land in all sorts of interesting and fun places that is typical of most sonic journies. What is absolutely true to form is the indie rock sound, if someone wanted an example of what indie rock sounded like – you’d be pretty correct to assume that this track is the perfect example. The whole track flows, we’re pretty confident that’s how we’d describe the run time after listening to it.

When we think of bands with a range of personnel (more than a trio), you’d be forgiven for somewhat expecting a big sound. It only makes sense that the more people, the more opportunity for creativity across the mix/composition – here is not necessarily the case. Drums are okay, they’re not too punchy or too lost in the mix they sound pretty raw. The bass? It’s so minimalistic it gets somewhat lost in the mix behind one of the guitars since they seem to be playing in the same octave range. Vocally, it’s okay – lyrically we don’t get it but in terms of the melody, yeah it works for what this band is trying to accomplish.

Overall, we’d say if you’re a fan of melancholic indie-rock sorta vibes – this track is for you. Doesn’t require much thought and is more of an easy listening experience. Definitely can hear this one being picked up by some kind of production entity (looking at you Netflix) and being featured at least in the background. Who knows?

Listen to “Fight Night” by Brunette on Spotify. Follow them on Instagram.

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