Lurid Purple Flowers – “Darkness”

Lurid Purple Flowers is a band from Boston, USA. On February 5th 2022, they released a four-track EP titled “Mania”. We took a listen to track three of the release titled “Darkness”. What did we think? Here goes!

Official Audio (courtesy of YouTube)

If this was some kind of vinyl release, the intro would make a bit more sense. However, the interesting thing about it is that there are a whole lot of vocals effects that don’t (really) make an appearance again throughout the track. Take one look at the band’s “about” page and you’d get a rough idea of their influences which do make sense (Zeppelin, Royal Blood etc) – the only problem is that they sound much like any other band that was “inspired” by the previously mentioned acts. The thing is, all the parts are there – they’re all locked in but there’s just one problem. The mix is just wrong, it’s totally two dimensional. The drums are smothered by the bass and rhythm guitar, the lead guitar doesn’t stick out in the places it needs to be – sure we can just about hear the singer in all this but much like a good guitar part, there needs to be better phrasing with the lyrics (the melody is far too simplistic).

It’s an okay piece of music that really needs a producer’s input, or if there was one, maybe an extra person. There are all the signs and embers of what could be a really great piece of Scott Pilgrim Soundtrack Sounding (patent pending) music but it just feels totally uninspiring and as we’ve said already it’s nothing to do with the performances (oh no) its all to do with the mix and master of this track that really brings it down a whole bunch to “demo” sounding status. Maybe we’re being too nitpicky, but honestly, it needs a lot more cutting to get this diamond shining bright.

Listen to “Darkness” by Lurid Purple Flowers on Spotify. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and visit their official website.

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