Kenny Fame – “Feels Better”

Kenny Fame is an artist who’s released a single several times over, according to Soundcloud it was sometime in 2018, Spotify says 2019 and his Bandcamp suggests just last month. All we know is we’ve taken a listen to his track “Feels Better” – what did we think? Here goes!

This track is one of those ones that begin with a sort of “telephone” effect on the vocals with a strong emphasis on bass frequencies – why not? It’s Reggaeton/dancehall according to Soundcloud so we’d hazard a guess and say that’s pretty standard for the genre. It would be passable however once the main vocals (without the effect) get moving it sounds as though the instrumental stems feel separate entirely from the vocals. Typically the mixing and mastering would blend them together but because of the separation of quality between the two aspects, it makes it just that ever uncomfortable to listen to.

Now as we’ve somewhat hinted, we’re not entirely experts within this genre however we can reasonably say that the lyrics feel somewhat “sardine can”-ed in. There’s a melody there and a couple of vocal hooks being attempted which, if mixed better, could’ve had more of an impact. Certainly, a whole bunch of it does sound passable and the overall quality is pretty good. It just needs a little more work to get this potential diamond cut.

On the whole, barely passable – sounds more late 2010s pop than anything else. Give it a spin, and see what you think.

Listen to “Feels Better” by Kenny Fame on Spotify. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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