Stephen Jacques – “Send Them Love”

It’s been a while since we’ve covered Stephen Jacques here on the blog, you can click here to see our last article. This time, he’s back with a brand new single titled “Send Them Love” set to be released on May 17th 2022 before releasing an album of the same name on September 9th 2022. We’ve had an exclusive listen to the tune, what did we think? Here goes!

Stephen Jacques – Send Them Love (Official Audio) courtesy of YouTube

With an attempt at some kind of anthemic opener, we’re off to the races – well not quite that fast but you get the gist. What follows is a two-dimensional ballad that introduces little elements along the way that somehow get mashed into the mix. There’s a lot going on and although each part of this musical puzzle is clear to hear, there’s something off about it – it feels out of balance. The vocals come in not too long after the start and what caught us off guard was the fact that the first verse came in and the phrasing of it along with the melody left for a rather uncomfortable break before continuing – that’s just one example. Speaking of the melody itself, it felt pretty flat – played a bit too safely.

The guitars were fine, and the acoustic was pretty much the current industry-standard tone. There was an electric guitar somewhere in the mix playing a few licks but nothing too grandiose which works. The bass was, much like the melody, playing it safe – locked in with root notes with no stand-out moments. The drums felt a bit weak here – not the performance but the tone was on par with Garageband sounding auto-drums which disappointed us and took away from the experience.

Overall, if this is the “flagship track” of the upcoming album – then we are very interested to hear how the rest of the album will come off. A barely passably mixed and mastered composition with nothing too exciting. If you’re into “safe tunes” with nothing too “out there” then this is certainly a tune for you!

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