Twelve Days In June – “Hoped You Couldn’t Tell”

Twelve Days in June is the alias of Pacific Northwest (USA) singer/songwriter Dave Hulegaard. On January 14th 2022, he released a brand new album titled “Anhedonia” which features a track titled “Hoped You Couldn’t Tell”. We took a listen to the tune and here’s what we thought!

Twelve Days In June – Hoped You Couldn’t Tell – Official Music Video (courtesy of YouTube)

Take one look at the track listing of the album and you can tell exactly why this track starts the way it does. What are we talking about? Well it gets started straight away, sounds very “mid album” and we were right! Go us! Anyway, the track is somewhere between stereotypical singer-songwriter and Britpop (or late 90s indie rock). The lyrics fit rather well into the melody, avoiding the “sardine can” approach most artists fall down with – but not this guy! Everything’s just about where it should be in terms of the mix, with one problem… the drums. They’re just not punchy enough and, to us, sound as though they are swallowed whole by the mix. Don’t get us wrong, we know that for this kind of music – the vocals need to be front and centre, but this just doesn’t sit right.

On the whole, though it flows rather nicely and is one we’d probably envisage being on a top-40 radio station somewhere. It has that “California Sunset”/West Coast vibe to it. The mix and master has a loudness that’s pretty industry-standard, with quite well-defined clarity on the most part and is very, very three dimensional (big points from us).

Listen to “Hoped You Couldn’t Tell” by Twelve Days In June on Spotify and Bandcamp. Follow him on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube!

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