Ariee – “Sugar Daddy”

Ariee is an artist from New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. On March 25th 2022, she released a brand new track titled “Sugar Daddy”. We’ve taken a listen to the tune, what did we think? Here goes!

Ariee – “Sugar Daddy” Official Music Video (courtesy of YouTube)

The track begins with a plea for financial security with a hint of synth before kicking off with enough sub-bass to probably destroy a car stereo. What then flows is a little over three minutes of more of the same throughout. There are no little moments that really keep it fresh throughout, more or less just a straight ride with no stops and no jarring turns – very safe indeed. The dominant aspect here is the vocal performance, again – very safe. There’s no outlandish attempt at introducing notes on some cosmic adventure into the land of jazz-esque melodies. It’s very cut and dry, to the point and the track is better for it.

In terms of the overall mix and master, it is very two dimensional. The result of this is certain stems within the whole composition becoming smothered by others, not leaving enough room for them to be discovered on repeat listening which is disappointing. Other than the vocals, the sub-bass appears to be the secondary focus here on the mix which is, somewhat, of a letdown as you could hear other moments which could’ve been served better brought into focus.

Overall, a fairly safe tune for those who dig this sorta thing. It certainly ticks a lot of boxes for many a top-40 tune. But you’ll have to listen to it yourselves to make up your own mind!

Listen to “Sugar Daddy” by Ariee on Spotify. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram and visit her official website!

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