Palms Psalm – “The Coast”

Palms Psalm is a music project concocted by Eric Pasi. On May 17th 2022, they released a brand new single titled “The Coast”. We took a listen, what did we think? Here goes!

Palms Psalm – The Coast (Official Audio, courtesy of YouTube)

A lot to unpack here, lets start with the drums. For about half of the song, the performance there has a lot of jazz-centric focus on the cymbals, where it shifts with a bit more flair and energy for the second half (noticed a hint of shaker in the mix). Throughout the flow of the composition there are so many moving elements scattered across the back of the mix, it was almost a bit hard to stay grounded to actually hear what was being sung (perhaps the point?).

The mix and master feels a bit one-sided. If like us, you listen through headphones, you may notice that one side of the mix feels “heavier” on one side. Though it’s not quite a mood-killer, it is something any avid music listener may notice. The track as a whole feels pretty okay, if you’re into the indie-shoegaze with a hint of Tame Impala sound, go for it. If not, give it a whirl and see if you can dig this. It’s okay.

Listen to “The Coast” by Palms Psalm on Spotify. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram and visit their official website!

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