The Rocketz – “Wither”

The Rocketz are a band from Los Angeles, California, USA. On March 25th 2022, they released a brand new album titled “Lovesick & Heartbroke”. From the album, we listened to the track “Wither”. What did we think? Here goes!

The Rocketz – Wither (Official Audio – Courtesy of YouTube)

If you’ve ever asked the question “what if some of those songs from REM’s 1989 album ‘Green’ were a little bit punchier?” or maybe even “why can’t we be a little bit country AND a bit rock and roll?” – Wither by The Rocketz is the answer you’ve been looking for. While there is much punk about it, there’s certainly a distinct ‘tell’ as to the various genres the band clearly took inspiration from to build this song. Sure, it’s punchy, it’s got full on stopping power – but all of that energy formulates into a little over five minutes run time.

The mix and master is okay, for where the song’s journey takes us it pretty much does the job. Very two dimensional in terms of how the stems are spaced out, a bit more in the way of dynamic range might polish it off but given the fact there’s elements of punk here – we reckon they could be let off.

Listen to “Wither” by The Rocketz on Spotify. Follow the band on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and be sure to visit their official website!

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