Richy Snyder – “Strangers in the Night”

Richy Snyder is an artist with quite an extensive catalogue, on April 20th 2016 (according to Spotify) he released a song titled “Strangers in the Night”. We’ve taken a listen, what did we think? Here goes!

Official Audio (Courtesy of YouTube)

This is as smooth as smooth gets, think of the smoothest thing you can. Got it? Well, it’s not as smooth as this piece of music, oh no – this is textbook jazz. The best thing you can do with this piece of music is put your feet up (unless you’re driving) and hit play. Really Richy and his band merry musos really hit the nail on the head with this one, an excellent set of instruments behind some pretty neat vocals. There’s nothing jarring or out of the ordinary, one might even say it is safe!

The mix and master is exceptionally well done for this piece of music, everything right where it should be, nothing peaking or distorting sitting ever so fine. Hats off to the engineer for this one because the way it has been put together sounds as though it was recorded in a venue, almost giving it a “recorded live” quality – maybe it was, who knows?

Certainly, if you’re a fan of this kinda thing, you’re quids in. If you’re not, you’ll do well to play this one. An excellent job if ever there was one!

Listen to “Strangers in the Night” by Richy Snyder on Spotify. Follow him on Facebook.

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