Working Class Hussys – “White Lady”

Working Class Hussys has been featured before on the blog, this time we’ve had a chance to listen to a brand new track from them titled “White Lady”. The track is set to be released on July 1st 2022, what did we think? Here goes!

Well, the track is an interesting one, those of you with an extensive palate may notice the various influences for this track. The ones we picked out were Black Crowes, hints of REM and The Rolling Stones – a veritable sharing platter of influences rolled into one but all with the common theme of rock and that is exactly what this is. One of the highlights of the track is the guitar, clear-cutting tone from a telecaster – you can’t go wrong, and they didn’t either. Though pretty much every other area too nails it there is one problematic aspect when we talk about the performances – the drums? They’re pretty lost in the mix, they didn’t need to be punchy or stand out but they’re smothered at certain points behind the stems.

Overall the mix and master is relatively passable minus the drums, but this track is another thing – quiet. A little below of what we’ve come to expect from industry-standard releases these days, though most comes through and there isn’t much to fix this is certainly an area that should be rectified – particularly with strong choruses like White Lady has.

You can listen to “White Lady” by Working Class Hussys when it becomes available on July 1st 2022, until then – follow them on Spotify, Facebook, Instagram and visit their official website!

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