Clay Fulton & The Lost Forty – “Little By Little”

Clay Fulton is a singer-songwriter from Rochester, Minnesota, USA. On July 15th 2022, he released a brand new single titled “Little By Little”. We listened to it, what did we think? Well, here goes!

Little By Little – Clay Fulton & The Lost Forty (Official Music Video, Courtesy of YouTube)

Okay, let us not beat about the bush on this one. This is great, a great start, a great flow. Did we say it was great? Let’s explain why, firstly this track blends elements of indie, rock and country together moves the music forward in time. We didn’t hear any tired old licks, riffs or musical stereotypes. What we heard was a band, with their own sound to produce an entirely unique song. You’ve got drums that are adequately punchy, bass that’s present holding it all together right in the pocket, guitars with tone to die for and little parts scattered in the background seasoning this eclectic mix just right. Then, to top it all off, you’ve got vocals that hold up well with lyrics that don’t feel crammed into a melody or sound too preachy.

The mix and master of this track is fantastic and very three-dimensional. If you listen to the track through headphones, as we did, you’ll have a great time spotting little moments that make each section unique and memorable. This is a serious track and one you’ll definitely not want to miss. If you like your music a little bit country, or a little bit rock and roll – well we’ve got some good news… you can do both!

Listen to “Little By Little” by Clay Fulton & The Lost Forty on Spotify. Follow him on Facebook, Instagram and visit his official website!

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