Rob Massard – “Shine Your Shine”

Rob Massard is a singer/songwriter from around the Detroit area in Michigan, USA. On June 3rd 2022 he released a brand new album titled “Ascension”. We took a listen to the second track “Shine Your Shine”, what did we think? Here goes!

Rob Massard – “Shine Your Shine” (Official Audio, courtesy of YouTube)

The first thought when we saw the runtime of the track was, really? But then we actually listened to it (shock horror, we know). What unfolded before our very ears were the beginnings of a journey – into what? Well we shan’t spoil it too much but what we will say is it started off with a great amount of synthesizer before heading somewhere not too “off the mark” but certainly a tad underwhelming. For something of this scale, it would make sense during the production stages to take full advantage of the space provided. What actually happened was a very linear two-dimensional-sounding tune. Pretty much every element within the mix was okay, pretty passable. No drums or bass (or, if the latter was present – we didn’t notice). More of a soundscape than an actual track (even with the vocals).

Overall, we appreciate that this isn’t necessarily a single rather a choice cut (as it were) from an album. The track itself does make sense if part of a “story” album, a brief look of the other tracks give subtle clues as to what else would probably have been better selected. It’s a satisfactorily mixed and mastered composition with only the two-dimensional aspect really to point out, everything else just feels like the white paint that separates lanes in a road. We could classify this track as a “background banger” but if we’re honest, perhaps scrap the latter of the two words.

Listen to “Shine Your Shine” by Rob Massard on Spotify. Follow him on Facebook and visit his official website.

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