Mae Simpson – “Goodbye”

Mae Simpson is an artist from Minneapolis, Minnesota. On July 8th 2022 she released a brand new single titled “Goodbye”. We took a listen to the new tune, what did we think? Here goes!

Mae Simpson – “Goodbye” (Official Audio – Courtesy of YouTube)

If you wanted to know what sunshine sounded like, this comes pretty close. Yes, we’re starting off strong here but that’s the essence of it. The song itself is a blend of various genres rolled into one, for the most part, it’s your bog standard pop – but dipping its toe into the jazz fusion realm. There’s an art to making complex licks and runs accessible to the average listener, here that has been achieved. If you were asking yourself “how would Joni Mitchell sound if she started in the last 10 years?” this would be an acceptable answer.

Overall, the song is mixed and mastered to an industry standard – we’d say. The song is clearly well produced, flowing ever so nicely with enough to keep one’s attention throughout. The only problem, and we understand it’s most likely for sync/radio play – is the run time. Far too short for our liking, could’ve thrown in an extra minute perhaps for a solo here or a reasonably-sized bridge section. If we were really pushing our luck, a key change! Seriously, it’s pretty, pretty good!

Listen to “Goodbye” by Mae Simpson on Spotify. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and be sure to check out the official website!

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