Blind Uncle Harry – “Burn Down The High School”

Blind Uncle Harry has been featured a numerous amount of times on the blog, more recently here. The latest offering in the sight-deficient relative’s discography (released June 29th 2022 according to YouTube, July 25th according to Bandcamp) is a sounding little number titled “Burn Down The High School” a title, on its own is enough to generate some eyebrow-raising wherever you go. We’ve had a listen to the new tune, what did we think? Here goes!

Blind Uncle Harry – “Burn Down The High School” (courtesy of YouTube)

If you’re a keen follower of this blog or are a fan of some kind of Blind Uncle Harry – this should come as no surprise to you. There have been negligible amounts of artist development since the last tune we heard of theirs and quite frankly at this point it would be marvelous to hear even a crumb of improvement. The difference between this and the other ones? The vocals sound roughly in time. That is it. The rest of it sounds like a glorified demo tape, we can’t even work out if they’re using real drums or Garageband’s drummer.

The concept of the song itself sounds like a cry for help, it is almost like something out of any (and we mean any) sitcom that parodies awful bands and this is precisely what it is – a parody of itself. This may be Blind Uncle Harry’s selling point but in terms of the music it is like a joke that never landed in the first place and yet somehow – is still being told.

We couldn’t find a whole lot to love about this tune, but maybe you might. We recognise a lot of work goes into writing, recording and releasing music and that ears/tastes tend to vary but for us this did not satisfy one notion we have about music as a whole.

Listen to “Burn Down The High School” by Blind Uncle Harry on Bandcamp. You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and be sure to visit their official website.

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