Spencer Goldman – “Breakthrough”

Spencer Goldman is a singer/songwriter from Minnesota, USA. On June 24th 2022, he released a brand new single titled “Breakthrough”. We took a listen to the new single, what did we think? Here goes!

Spencer Goldman – “Breakthrough” (Official Audio, courtesy of YouTube)

Lets cut to the chase here, is this rock? Perhaps. Is this pop? Not as we know it. Is it, dare we say, pop-punk? The real answer to these three questions is a resounding maybe – not a definitive yes to any of them (this is important) because this sounds like an artist doing what they like and not giving a damn. Yes we’re going there. What Breakthrough is, it is just that! There’s a lot going for it – big sound with nice punchy drums, enough guitar to satisfy even the most stubborn rocker and solid vocals that really give a great performance.

The overall mix and master of this track is huge, not a moment wasted or an element smothered by something else – this is goldilocks the soundtrack. A very excellent series of minutes and seconds we just wish could last a lifetime but like all good things it had to end… or did it? We want more!

Listen to “Breakthrough” by Spencer Goldman on Spotify. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

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